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For too long I've been depending on other people to do the work for me and somewhere in between my childhood and young adolescence... I lost myself.
For a while I've been wishing and praying and hoping that I could escape the confides of my room in my home.
But I always made an excuse to stop and lay back down in my bed and mope about my poorly made decisions.
And as I slowly descend into a depression--- I'm lashing out.
I'm daydreaming more and more again
I can't even tell the difference between reality and imagination anymore
I just can't stop making movies in my head
After so long-- I'm going crazy because my family is making me go crazy.
They always use the Guilt-Trip
"You don't pay for shit!!"
"Pay the rent!"
"I'm not giving you anymore money!"
"You're selfish!"
All of them are true and that's what hurts most--- because I don't want them to be true. But I can't help it.
In their eyes, I am a monster
They're just too modest to say so
And when I get enough money, when I gain enough courage, when I'm home alone... I'm getting out of there.
I'm running away


Katira K. M.
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a Wordsmith

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ShangriLaLove28 Apr 2, 2014  Professional Writer
im breaking out of here mothercockers!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShangriLaLove28 Mar 6, 2014  Professional Writer
LOL! Having fun watching VINES!!
ShangriLaLove28 Mar 1, 2014  Professional Writer
ShangriLaLove28 Feb 22, 2014  Professional Writer
mmmm I am SOO moving out soon. and I can't wait to control my own life. All I gotta do is get the money
ShangriLaLove28 Feb 13, 2014  Professional Writer
Every man needs his space. He needs his privacy.
but more importantly, the time and space to do his work.
Even after his home was HIT by a hurricane.
So that's a damn good excuse. lol
ShangriLaLove28 Feb 3, 2014  Professional Writer
mmmmmm i love you
ShangriLaLove28 Jan 13, 2014  Professional Writer
mmmmmm but never forget baby
I love you
and when you come to visit me-- it's sooooooooooo on.
it's time we go on another adventure baby
ShangriLaLove28 Dec 20, 2013  Professional Writer
I'm soooo in love
why can't we just run away?
why can't it be beautiful forever?
I don't understand why we have to go back
ShangriLaLove28 Dec 20, 2013  Professional Writer
I love him

ShangriLaLove28 Dec 12, 2013  Professional Writer
Today is the worst day.
And it was all my fault,
I was firing up the blender for breakfast and that triggered a hypo-charged scare to one of my kitties.
She was so scared.
and my dad tried to console her but she freaked out even more.
I don't know what I was thinking.
but i completely regret it.
Now my dad wants me to give her away.
how could it come to this?
It's not even Christmas yet.....
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