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After my drunken scandal last night, I've decided to get the balls to finally ask him over and talk to him and confront him
It wasn't actually a confrontation, but it was more... intervention. And by that I mean, clear the fog and get out of this funk we've been in together for a long long time
I've been down in the dumps for the past 11 hours thinking that I ruined two people's chances at happiness, when in fact I didn't
For so long I've tried so hard to be the best friend that I always wanted to be and to receive that benefit in return
And maybe I did the right thing and maybe it'll be enough to remedy the guilt like ice cold water to a pill I just can't swallow
Or maybe I just dug myself into a deeper hole, all the way into the flames of hell itself
He says he knew all alone and it was completely his fault-- he's the one that blew it
So maybe I was being hard on myself for nothing
While we were in my kitchen, he looked solemn, almost lost in thought, thinking so deeply. I can see it every time I look at him. The wheels in his head are always turning, calculating and overthinking and estimating
I told him about my interest and I told him about my guilt when I thought I was keeping him away from my best friend when in truth he already knew
Each time I look at them-- I can't help but feel responsible for their unhappiness
And then the voice of my tormentor comes to my mind-- telling me that I'm the one who makes everything worse
That people become powerless to stop me when I'm in my destructive mood and they don't want me around anymore because I make them miserable
In the dark places of my mind, I think he was right to call me a monster every day before and after school
Then when the alcohol is all gone and the lights go out, he turns into a monster too
And maybe that sums everything up, my birth, my childhood, my disastrous voyage into adulthood and everything has lead to the horrible and terrible truth
That I'm a soul sucking monster
It keeps replaying in my head like a home movie, the reels keep coming and they won't leave me alone
But as I was at the bottom pit of my despair and guilt-- He assured me it wasn't my fault, comforting and understanding, like dad used to be
There was nothing I did wrong and it was never my fault-- I didn't do anything wrong and there is no one to blame but himself for what happened
He talks about the old times and the good times and the bad times and the terrible times, going through every detail and using every step of assurance
Coaxing me to calm down and not think so much
With all his perfections and imperfections, flaws and wrongs, he's still a wonderful man
In the sweet moments when the clock stops, our shifts are over, and there's no one else around we talk like regular human beings
It's been so long since I would see him like this, too
Not gossiping, not sad, not angry, not moody, not grumpy, but the slate is wiped clean and he can talk about anything everything or nothing
Seemingly, we are both strangers to each other but somehow beneath all the bullshit and lies, he and I are assholes and sweethearts together
Does that make sense?
Two sides of the same coin
Like the Bonnie and Clyde thing respecting each other's aspects, beliefs, flaws while causing mayhem together
Dangerous or chaotic or not, we get along
I like that
But the most favorable thing I admire is his deep seeded romantic heart
Willing to do everything and anything for the woman he loves
Prepared to give
Prepared to change
Prepared to die for her
It's rare to find someone who will do that
It's like... finding a snow leopard


Katira K. M.
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United States
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ShangriLaLove28 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Professional Writer
I moved out on August 14th
And I don't care.... I'll be happy from now on since I've left that trailer house
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I wish I was far away
far away from here
this place
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Goodnight sweet Prince...
All hail the fucking King of fucking
ShangriLaLove28 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Professional Writer
mmmmm he is sooo good to me. He's so good to me. I really believe that this is the start of something special. And I mean ---really special
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need money
help would be helpful
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mmmm I am SOO moving out soon. and I can't wait to control my own life. All I gotta do is get the money
ShangriLaLove28 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Professional Writer
Every man needs his space. He needs his privacy.
but more importantly, the time and space to do his work.
Even after his home was HIT by a hurricane.
So that's a damn good excuse. lol
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